Maths Gurus

Maths Gurus is young dynamic company that was founded in 2015 with a vision to provide extra educational support to learners. The company prides itself in tutoring Maths and Science subjects for grade 8 to grade 12. The company is a growing and continues to do so as a direct result of the company’s vision backed by a team of professional tutors who comprise years of tutoring experience and support from its partner Sebola Properties. We achieve results by believing that each learner is different. We understand that some learners understand better in a classroom setting while others may understand better on one to one interaction with the tutor, hence we have classroom – based lessons and house – call sessions. Maths Gurus operates in Kempton park at the Sebola properties offices and URCSA (Emoyeni section). Our hard work has not gone unnoticed from parents who continue to refer many of their friends and relatives to us, and that has seen us grow from two learners in 2015 to over ten learners currently. Our goal is to make sure we meet our learners’ needs while we promote easy learning with the aim to increase learners’ school results.

Contact Us

Tel: 011 051 6769
Cell: 073 343 6410


46 Mooifontein Road
Birchliegh North
Kempton Park