Sebola properties is a proudly South African company born with the aim of distributing property services in and around South Africa. As a national property group, Sebola properties operates in different areas around the country. It provides a wide range of property investment, rental, real estate, property development and property management to a substantial client base that includes commercial properties such as industrial and office rentals. Sebola properties was founded on the basis of offering quality in customer services that needed urgent attention and cultivation. The company's business plan effectively addresses client and group requirements. Our company helps clients to assess themselves and their commitment to the property service requirements which are best for them. Sebola properties aims to develop properties in South Africa and also motivate the community to hone their country's infrastructure development. Our aim is to instill a sense of pride in our nation to communicate and to raise concerns about property services. We help the community to define ways in which they will enter and participate in the property industry. We are vying for that special spot in the hearts of the people by serving them with dignity, honesty and integrity.

Our core values

As a reflection of our attitude towards partnerships - we uphold fair, positive and enduring relationships that seek shared reward.


We seek balanced solutions from a foundation of good faith; professionalism and integrity


We do everything with passion; energy and a pioneering spirit of enterprise


We invest our intellectual and property capital for long-term projects

Shared Reward

With our partners we grow and participate in the benefits of the company and discovered opportunities

Our core values

  • To elevate the property market in South Africa
  • To support innovative approaches to property business
  • To empower our clients with service excellence
  • To penetrate the market beyond our expectations
  • To revive and motivate honesty, loyalty and integrity in the industry


To build a brand that benefits all the racial groups. To have systems that will be of easy access to every stakeholder. To build a solid corporate social investment portfolio in property industry so that clients may know that by working with us, they are contributing positively the community as well.


Our mission is to deliver a smart and quality property service that will empower society to promote dynamic citizenship for economic growth and development in our society. To create an environment for our clients where they will be exposed to our culture and business acumen. To push business reform processes at local, national and ultimately international level by supporting new business activities.

Contact Us

Tel: 011 051 6769
Cell: 073 343 6410


46 Mooifontein Road
Birchliegh North
Kempton Park